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Project planning & management 

Is a project plan really needed for my project?


The ride is much smoother for everyone when a plan is in place early and everyone involved is clear about their roles, tasks, and timelines! It's also important to establish regular checkpoints for reporting progress and identifying any issues that may arise and any agreed adjustments made.


Plans vary with the complexity of projects

The plan clearly sets out the key elements for simple projects in a shared document prepared in consultation with you. A more complex project requires greater detail and usually involves project management software that keeps everyone updated on progress.

  • your specific aims for the project

  • envisaged format -Web page,  print, pdf or combination

  • distribution mode/s

  • intended readership/users, their characteristics and preferences

  • personnel, capacity, roles and expectations

  • timelines and targets

  • tasks and milestones.

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Managing your project effectively

Every project is unique. At times, we assist in-house teams with only content drafting, editing, research and layout. However, for larger projects, Envoque can take charge of developing a work plan and ensuring the project stays on track. This allows your team to focus on delivering quality content while also providing opportunities for knowledge transfer and capacity building.

With our greater involvement, we work closely with you in several ways, including:

  • preparing and communicating the project plan with your team,

  • checking in and collaborating with you to meet milestones,

  • providing advice and adjusting the plan as needed, and

  • communicating with your team to anticipate and prevent unforeseen issues.

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