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Life writing

Tell your story

Talk with us about ways we can work with you to tell YOUR story.  

Choose audio recording or a variety of digital or print formats.

We all have stories to tell 

Our own life experiences, thoughts and ideas, family anecdotes, travel tales, events, and achievements are the raw material of stories.


Stories have always been important for sharing information and creating a sense of community.  Yet modern life means family and friends often live in distant locations, leading busy lives. Opportunities to share stories are becoming rare.


But the importance of personal stories and the enjoyment and value of sharing them has not diminished. The good news is that recording them is arguably more accessible than ever. Local knowledge, family history, unique events,  experiences, wisdom and achievements can be recorded and passed on to future generations.

Envoque can work with you to tell your story.

Call +61 2 6152 1025 or email info@envogue  

Recording and sharing stories 

Storytelling has become a specialised profession, with authors telling the stories and most of us recipients, reading, watching or hearing their accounts.


But personal stories still have great value. And having access to many different perspectives and viewpoints enriches our lives individually and as communities. 


With modern technology, it's easier than ever to record and share our experiences. Writing and storytelling groups abound, live or online. Moreover, the internet, readily available software, and a plethora of digital platforms have opened up ways for recording and publishing stories easily and affordably.

Sometimes just having someone to listen and guide you through the storytelling process is all you need to get started.

Like to talk about  telling your story ?

Call +61 2 6152 1025 or email info@envogue  

Telling stories in the digital age

The digital age has made it possible for almost anyone to share their story and have it recorded as audio or text.


This is fantastic news because it allows us, as individuals and communities, to experience a diverse range of stories from different times, places, and cultural backgrounds.


Envoque can work with you to focus your account to a specific theme, aspect, period, or life event to produce an interesting and highly engaging story.

More than one storyteller?

Joint storytelling can work really well. People with a common history or interest can collaborate to produce rich accounts that span time and geography.


Family members,, sporting groups, service and other community associations can create fascinating records, perhaps a period in their history, a milestone, or special achievement.

We'd love to hear about your story ideas.

Thanks for getting in touch.

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