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Who we are 

We are communication professionals based in Canberra, Australia, who are passionate about the power of language and visual design. Our diverse expertise and experience spans various fields and industries, including writing, editing, and graphic design.

What we value 

Building trust & protecting confidentiality

  • We commit to working fairly, honestly and transparently.

  • We protect privacy and all information we're entrusted with.

  • We work hard to achieve great results on every project.

Fostering inclusivity & respect

  • We work collaboratively - right from the start of every project.

  • We embrace different ways of being and knowing.

  • We explore and welcome new ideas and perspectives.

  • We utilise inclusive language, format & design in every project.

Embracing challenge & change!

  • We're curious about new developments & ways of doing things. 

  • We listen carefully and ask questions (even the "obvious" ones).

  • We think broadly & deeply but switch naturally into detail mode.

  • We pay close attention to others' thoughts & ideas.

  • We are always learning

  • We share information, our knowledge & ideas.

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