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Abacus FS Repaint V2 Serial RFWKLZCW03: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Abacus FS Repaint V2 Serial RFWKLZCW03: A Guide to Repainting Your Flight Sim Aircraft

If you are a fan of flight simulation games, you might have wondered how to change the look of your aircraft. Maybe you want to add your own logo, change the color scheme, or create a custom livery. Or maybe you just want to try something new and different.

Abacus FS Repaint V2 Serial RFWKLZCW03

Whatever your reason, you can easily achieve your goal with Abacus FS Repaint V2, a powerful and user-friendly tool that allows you to repaint any aircraft in your Flight Simulator collection. In this article, we will show you how to get Abacus FS Repaint V2 Serial RFWKLZCW03, how to use it to modify your aircraft's appearance, and some tips and tricks to make your repainting experience more enjoyable.

What is Abacus FS Repaint V2?

Abacus FS Repaint V2 is a software program that lets you change the visual appearance of your Flight Sim aircraft. You can easily change the look of the aircraft in a few easy steps:

  • Select and load an existing Flight Sim aircraft.

  • Edit its textures with the built-in image editor or an external one (Adobe PhotoShop, Corel PSP, Gimp, Windows Paint, etc.).

  • See the changes immediately, in real time, in the 3D view window.

  • Save the repainted aircraft.

  • Run the Flight Simulator and fly your new aircraft.

With Abacus FS Repaint V2, you can save a lot of time since you see the changes without having to restart Flight Simulator after each texture modification. This is truly "what you see is what you get."

Features and benefits of Abacus FS Repaint V2

Some of the features and benefits of using Abacus FS Repaint V2 are:

  • Compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D aircraft.

  • Compatible with native Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX, FSX-Steam edition, FS2000, FS2002 and FS2004 aircraft (it's not compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 yet).

  • Compatible with Microsoft Combat Simulator 2 native aircraft.

  • Compatible with several third party paid and freeware available aircraft.

  • Real time 3D view of your painting work.

  • Up to four simultaneous, independent 3D views.

  • Built-in image editor with several useful tools.

  • External image editors are supported as well.

  • Night and day aircraft visualization.

  • Virtual cockpit painting support.

Compatibility and requirements of Abacus FS Repaint V2

To use Abacus FS Repaint V2, you need to have one of the following flight simulators installed on your computer:

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D ( - Version 1.4 or higher) - Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX - Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX-Steam edition - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 - Microsoft Combat Simulator 2 You also need to have a Windows PC with the following minimum specifications:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10

  • 1.0 GHz processor

  • 256 MB RAM

  • 32 MB video card

  • 800x600 minimum screen resolution

  • CD-ROM drive (for installation)

  • Internet connection (for activation)

How to get Abacus FS Repaint V2 Serial RFWKLZCW03?