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Dj Rob E

He is the current DJ for 50 Cent, Lil T Jay, Safaree, G Unit, Jadakiss, and more. He was also the one who introduced the famous rapper, Future, to the world. DJ Rob E Rob did that on a mixtape platform for Epic Records, where he received a Million Sold plaque for his contribution to the Pluto album provided by the RIAA.

Dj Rob E


Asked what wisdom tidbits he has for others, the DJ Rob E Rob capped it at putting God first and giving whatever you do the best. But despite developing a big brand, he has aspirations for the future. He wants to see his brand doing ten times better and open a more prominent community unity outlet with positive resources for troubled communities through musical motivation.

As far as his goals with the press, DJ Rob E Rob has everything to achieve them. He wants to reach as many people as possible, especially those unfamiliar with him and what he does. He would love to share the mixtapes that he believes will be both motivational and inspiring.

The duo's first U.S. single and release was "DJ Interview", appearing on World to World, which later got them a recording contract with Profile Records in 1987. The duo was assisted by a long time friend from New Jersey, producer David Wynn. David Wynn produced three songs on their debut album and five songs on their sophomore album.

The first Profile release was "It Takes Two".[2] It used multiple samples from the James Brown and Lyn Collins 1972 song "Think (About It)".[2] The track first became a regional hit and then slowly climbed the Billboard Hot 100, picking up a multi-platinum single certification. The song also peaked at No. 3 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

An album, also called It Takes Two, was quickly put together and it produced a significant follow-up hit, "Joy and Pain", which sampled a song of the same name by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, as well as "Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is" by The Olympic Runners.[2] It also hit the top 10 on the dance chart and climbed to No. 58 on the Hot 100. "Get On the Dance Floor", produced by David Wynn (DJ Wynn), a track released to clubs in between the two singles, hit No. 1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1989. Boosted by those singles, the It Takes Two album went platinum seven times over.

Base responded in 1989 with The Incredible Base, his debut solo album.[2] It did not sell as well as It Takes Two.[2] One song from the album hit the dance chart in late 1989: "Turn It Out (Go Base)", credited only to Rob Base.

Rob Base, born Robert Ginyard on May 18, 1967, was born and raised in Harlem. He attended Harlem public schools and loved music. Influenced by rap, he began his journey and performed in talent shows and at as many open mic or hip-hop events as he could. His first child, De'Jené Ginyard, was born in 1989 to his then-girlfriend Rhonda Dunbar, with whom he was in a relationship from 1986 to 1990. In 1991, Base met April, and in 1992, they had a son, Robert Ginyard Jr. They subsequently took guardianship of April's cousin Dysell. Base and April married and remained together until her death in September 2013.[4]

Lxtasy Sounds at has been in business since 1999. Based in St.Louis, Missouri, we concentrated mainly on DJ Jelly mixtapes. Since that time we have expanded to include many other world famous djs. Thanks for coming and enjoy.

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