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Buy Plants Wholesale Online

Despite our name, Wholesale Nursery Co, we are very much a mail-order nursery & open to the public and B2B. We are the leading online plant nursery offering over 300 species of native plants, trees, shrubs, perennials, mosses, and grasses. We offer low prices and fast shipping.

buy plants wholesale online

Our collection of popular varieties of plants is easy-to-grow plant favorites. We've chosen this collection of plants to take the work out of trying to select plans for beginner gardeners. Any plants in the below categories will be easy to grow, low maintenance, and hard in most soils.

We ship to homeowners and wholesalers. Our prices reflects homeowner prices due to 84% of our sales being retail but if you need a largr volume quote on more than 500 plants, send us an email and we will be happy to offer you a wholesale quote. email

Except our busiest time of year, Spring, we try our best to ship out all plants within 7-10 days. Weather depends on our ability to dig so please, remember we are in Tennessee and we get some snow and rain in the fall and winter seasons and your order may be delayed.

Wholesale Nursery Co is a leading mail-order plant nursery located in the heart of the nursery capital of Middle Tennessee. Offering low grower prices to the public and B2B wholesale prices on large volume plant orders. Our online nursery ships plant to your door, and we ship nationwide. Founded in 1959. Sixty-four years in the nursery industry, three generations, and growing strong today.

We started to provide small businesses across the Eastern USA high quality house plants at affordable prices. Leveraging our current greenhouse infrastructure we sell and ship house plants for wholesale, dropshipping, and corporate customers.

"Had a little issues with some plants that were stressed from shipping, etc! But, everything was taken care of and the communication has been great from the time I placed my order!" - Katelyn "Dauntless Roots Plant Co."

Some plants were damaged in shipping but seller refunded all damages and made note to use different carrier next time. Plants are healthy looking and good size for the pot size. We have been working closely with them for several weeks now and they have great customer service and a quick response time. Will do business with them again! Already made a second order. - Devon "The Houseplant Store"

Chandler is very responsive & helpful. Always has suggestions for replacements. Both of my orders came quickly and were packaged well and arrived in great shape. I also love their selection. Its very hard to find some of the plants that I am able to purchase from them. - Heather "The Coop"

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has an extensive selection of wetland plants, native grasses, live tree stakes, mitigation and restoration seedlings, and brush layers. Our plants are grown in our nurseries to ensure high quality and are available at wholesale prices. Our plant experts can accommodate you with tens of thousands of native plants for your restoration needs. Send us an email with your list to sales@tennesseewholesalenursery, and we will provide you a wholesale quote, same day.

TN Nursery has a wide selection of specialty plants. Do you an avid bird watcher? We have birding plants that they will not only make nests in but also enjoy eating berries and roosting. Love groundcovers? Hummingbirds love them too. They provide fresh nectar, and they work well against trellis or fences. Outdoor aromatherapy, anyone? We have a large selection of fragrant plants.

Discover the perfect plants to resell for any garden or outdoor space. From lush green ferns to bright and colorful perennials, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has a large availability of quality plants for all those resellers and nurseries to buy from. Our ground covers are sure to add a unique touch with their low-maintenance growth that you can count on for years to come. Order all your plants to resell from a trusted and reputable source online like Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.

We Sell to anyone who can order our minimum purchase requirements. However, we are wholesale and only offer a wholesale quarantee of providing you excellent plants on arrival. We do not guarantee plants to live or grow, but weo do guarantee our plants to arrive alive and in moist, excellent condition as all wholesale nurseries do.

Want your Herb plants to do more for you than taste good? Hold onto your socks because the world of Herbs is blurring the lines between useful edible medicinals and ornamental plants! Now you can enjoy them for more than just tasty garnish and seasoning

Houseplants have infiltrated every room in my house. The foliage hoarding started long before the pandemic, but I, like the legions of housebound plant parents everywhere, doubled down. Of the pandemic-borne hobbies, raising plants has it all: physical health benefits, mental health benefits, and a very low barrier to entry. In a time that felt stagnant, nurturing growth was the antidote.

For the purposes of this guide, we will focus on the business of selling plants online by working with a wholesaler, greenhouse, or nursery. Note that you will still require sunny space to store and care for the plants on their brief stop between their origin and final destination, but this method is much easier for new plant entrepreneurs.

Many local greenhouses, nurseries, and plant suppliers offer a wholesale program. Look for details on their website or inquire directly. There are generally a few requirements to become a registered reseller, including purchase minimums.

As you are running a business that may have items going in and out of stock seasonally, create a system for yourself that helps you identify and manage inventory within your Shopify store. A consistent naming/numbering convention along with grouping plants into standard sizes can help you keep inventory organized. For example, if you are selling a variety of houseplants, you may want to establish a SKU system as follows: three letters representing the category, three letters representing the plant type, and two letters representing the size.

The best way to sell plants online is through your own website. Sonja started her business by taking orders through a WhatsApp group chat and invoicing each customer. When too much of her time was spent making invoices, she opened a Shopify store. The switch allowed her to spend less time with paperwork and more time building her brand.

Consider gaining more exposure for your brand and accessing new audiences by selling plants through online marketplaces or finding local retail opportunities. Beyond opening your own brick-and-mortar store, there are many affordable ways to add in-person selling to your mix:

Good news: with the rise in searches for plant content online, there are opportunities to grow your audience with the right mix of search optimization, social media, and content marketing paired with a unique and cohesive brand.

Like plants that need adequate sun, water, and nutrients to thrive, your customers require care before and especially after their purchases. As we discussed in our content marketing section, customer education is a huge opportunity for plant-selling businesses to gain exposure and establish trust.

For those looking for a more hands-on business to nurture, selling plants is a rewarding one. Studies show that plants reduce stress and increase productivity, counteracting the hectic pace of being a new business owner. And, with interest in plants blooming since the pandemic, the time is now to harvest that dream!

Although selling plants requires more specialized knowledge (plant care), and has specific needs for space and shipping, it is a great business idea in 2021. Interest in plants trended through the pandemic and shows no signs of stopping.

Yes, it is legal to sell plants online in most places. That said, there are laws that vary from country to country regarding the import and export of soils and organic matter. Look into the regulations where you sell and in all of the territories that you plan to sell.

Fast Growing Trees is an online-only nursery that (as their name suggests) carries a wide selection of trees, including all kinds of evergreens, fruit trees and palm trees. As well as some shrubs and perennials. offers frees shipping and truly take such care in packaging everything arrives in great shape. They also have great information on all their plants. I stumbled on them while trying to find a specific Encore azalea that was sold out everywhere and have used them ever since.

Just wanted to throw our name out there. Plants by Mail has been sending Encore Azaleas and Southern Living Plants for over 20 years. Good size plants and we stand behind our quality. Several of the vendors on this list and some of those mentioned in the comments buy or dropship from our nursery ?

I ordered 4 plants from Home Depot in 2021 and all of them arrived completely dead. The soil had no moisture whatsoever and all the stems were brittle. I repotted them immediately hoping that there was enough life left in the roots that they would grow, but no such luck. When I returned them to the local store for a refund the customer service rep told me to expect any plants ordered online to be dead.

Please forgive me if this seems rude. Did you get a commission or any type of profit from listing these nurseries? I ask because your whole list consists of the most poorly reputable online nurseries. This is not an opinion, but fact. The reviews for these nurseries are pretty bad. There are so many good ones out there I find it very odd that you decided to list these conglomerates that are pretty well known for their dismal reviews and even more dismal plants.

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